Kenneth Ehimhanre

Clinical Director


Dr Kenneth Ehimhanre is the Medical Director and Principal Officer at Total Care Dental Clinic. His
vision of ensuring the availability and accessibility of world class dental care gave birth to Total Care Dental clinic. His dynamic leadership and visionary charisma has propelled the establishment to a novel center of dental care in Nigeria.

With unparalleled clinical skills in Restorative and general dental care he command loyal following
among his numerous patients. He constantly improves his skills with relevant update courses to ensure he remains at the top echelon of the progressive intelligentsia.

Being a serial entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast, he constantly brings in innovative new ideas that continue to position the clinic among the best the system can afford. He goes to work daily to work in and on the clinic making sure the clinic and its team of doctors and staff deliver the promise of delivery unbeatable dental care in a conducive environment with the latest technological innovations in the field of dentistry.

Get Your Smile Back In Just One Day!

We eliminate the hassle of multiple unnecessary visits by investing in modern technology which allows us to fix your smile in just one Visit. Whatever your prior dental experience you will be pleasantly surprised by our professionalism and efficiency.

General Dentistry 87%
Cosmetic Dentistry 95%
Implant Dentistry 82%